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Originally Posted by faquabean View Post
Originally Posted by kiwilove View Post
Hey, wishing everyone luck with their diets. We can do it!
I am also hoping to lose weight in order to conceive. We have been trying for almost two years. I have very long irregular cycles ranging from 75ish to 170 days. Last cycle was 170 days and that ended with provera so I'm pretty sure it would have lasted even longer if I hadn't taken it.
Anywho... I started a fat flush drink. It is to clean out toxins from the liver which is great because then hormones will regulate if you have that issue. It entails grapefruit, cucumber, tangerine and peppermint leaves in water, let it sit overnight and drink throughout your day. I am doing this for ten days.
I am also starting Skinny Fiber, It has many benefits. It is believed to help with regulating hormones and helps with PCOS! look it up if interested. I also plan to do the cardiac diet for the first week on skinny fiber! This I my plan and I hope it works.
Have you had your insulin tested? I have PCOS and didn't know it can cause insulin resistance until a new doctor mentioned it to me. I couldn't lose weight for the life of me! Sure enough, PCOS was messing with my insulin which makes it almost impossible to get pregnant and lose weight.

Yes, I had my insulin tested and it was in normal range. Had lots of blood work and all was normal. I still believe I have PCOS though. I just started seeing a gyno and hope to get everything worked out, but it is a long process
I havnt started skinny fiber yet so I cant tell you if it works but if you are still having trouble losing weight, then look the stuff up!

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Originally Posted by FarmersWife5 View Post
I wish I could read your weights LOL, all I know is weight in pounds! Is slimming world just like an fitness center? I have been going to a Zumba class twice a week, Im not sure if you guys have that there or not? A dance workout..
No, slimming world isn't a fitness centre it's a weight loss/healthy eating plan. Along the lines of weight watchers, but I find it much better than weight watchers and easier for me to incorporate into everyday life.
You go to get weighed once a week and then stay for a group session where you can all share your problems, ideas and successes. You also win weight loss awards along the way to reaching your target weight. Great support.
It's only in the UK at the mo, and Dallas, Texas.

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I would like to be in a healthy BMI range. I am 5ft7 and weigh 185lbs. I would like to be around 140-150. However, if I get preggers before I lose the weight then thats fine too. I will just be sure to eat as healthy as possible and not take up the "I CAN PIG OUT!! mentality lol because I sure as heck dont want to have to work it all off once the baby is here.

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I am! At this point, I think it is what has been preventing me for the past 2 years.

I've gained and gained since having my first. It doesn't help that my second came just 14 months after my first, but I've gained after my second was born too. I got all of my bloodwork done and nearly everything came back normal. I did have an ectopic 3 months after my second was born, but that was considered just a fluke. My weight kept creeping up, and after seeing that there were no underlying hormone issues, my midwife said it must be my weight.

I had an epiphany and joined a gym and started eating right. I lost about 15ish pounds, and BAM! I got pregnant! Unfortunately I had an early miscarriage, but I actually got pregnant. My cycles were also all over the place and very long (averaging 55 days and I had 12 periods in the 2 years we've been trying), and they're coming back down. My last one was 31 days. Right now I'm down 20 pounds from my highest weight, and I'm really hoping my weight loss helps me get pregnant.

I really truly believe that being overweight/obese has been causing my fertility issues, so I am hell bent on losing weight until I get pregnant (and of course to be healthy).

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Been trying weight watchers since fri and so far so good although I am finding the foods I could eat freely on sw are high In pro points , but never mind am sure I will get into the swing off things.. I had a sickness big the last couple of days so have been in bed most of it and am working night shift tonight for 4 nights x

When ttc Katie I lost weight and fell pregnant really quickly so am hoping that it helps again..

God luck everyone

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