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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC and Trying to Plan A Wedding...

Hi ladies, wasn't sure where to post this but i thought this would be the best place to start!

My fiancÚ and i have been trying to conceive our first baby since December 2012. So it's been about 6 cycles, (this is currently the 7th but he is away so i won't count it - hehe)

Anyway, we got engaged in April, and we have been discussing wedding plans. I tried on and found my perfect dress, and it fits perfectly - but now i am worrying if i am to buy it / start planning our wedding that we will suddenly get pregnant. I wouldn't care being pregnant at my wedding - but my dress would definitely not fit! Or if we were to get pregnant and be due at the time of our wedding - it would make it really unenjoyable as i will be big and sweaty (it's hot here in Aus).

I feel like it's just not going to happen for us - and we both really want to get married. So we are both kind of stuck as to what to do.

Has anyone tried planning a wedding whilst TTC? I don't want to go on a break because i don't want to miss a month We both want a baby more than anything but we both want to get married and can't keep putting it off for something that may not happen.

We are both in our early 20's

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Hi! We were TTC for the 6 months prior to our wedding. (2 years later, still no luck). I didn't see the point in skipping, unless you're so stressed with it all that other parts of your life are suffering for it. No sense in wasting a month! Or just get married earlier, have a fun, spontaneous, less stuffy/formal wedding in a few months or something. Or not. Worst case scenario you lose money on buying another dress. Overall, just have fun! These are good problems to have Good luck!

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We are TTC and planning a wedding! Our wedding was originally set for August 2013, but we bought a house so we pushed the wedding back a year. We are planning for Aug 2014 now.

It's hard because we are trying to time it so that a baby would be born before June 2014 (gives me time to lose the weight) or get pregnant in May 2014. We'll have to take a 9 month break if we aren't successful.

You're young, if there's no reason for you to think that it might not happen- waiting might not be a bad thing. If you were older and had some issues, I'd say that baby would come first. Hang in there!

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