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CBFM v OPK - conflicting! PHOTO INCLUDED!

Hi all

bought CBFM and this is second cycle using it. Last cycle I got peaks on CD 20 and 21 (I usually Ov some time between CD18-22, so it made sense).

This cycle out of interest, I've used CBFM and superdrug ov tests - same pee each morning.

CD9-CD12 - low fertility and ov tests light
CD13-CD16 - high fertility and ov tests getting darker
CD 17 & 18 - peak fertility and ov tests look positive (sticks written 7 and 8 on the photo) - slightly darker than control line
CD 19 - CBFM goes back to high fertility (without asking for another stick), but ov test gets darker (stick 9)
CD 20 - CBFM goes down to low fertility (without asking for another stick), but ov test gets SO dark you can barely see the control line! (stick 10)

what is going on? CBFM seems to think I o'd already...

Which do I believe?

thank you...

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OPk's dont use FMU, but CBFM does.

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