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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Help. Is this my period?

I am technically 4 days late for AF. I have very strong AF type cramps for 2 days now and keep running to check if she has shown her ugly head. I took a cheapie test today that was unusable as only half the control line developed and what did develope of it was extremely faint.

A couple hours ago I started spotting, so far all dark brownish, not enough to even need a pad or panty liner. Do I count this as CD 1 now? Does spotting count as a period? Or only when I fully bleed? My AF are pretty short (1st day light to regular flow followed by spotting for a couple days).

(Also FF had me as ovulating CD 16 instead my usual CD 10. I typically have 24 day cycles and am now on CD 28 and had a temp dip below cover line today, hence my confusion on this dark spotting and that I am technically late for my usual cycle. My temps have been all over this cycle, but I had a working thermometer, then it was half working, then had to get a new one all together so I know it is all a mess ahhh)

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Sounds like AF and late OV.

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