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ic opks not getting darker...

Hey ladies. So when I was pregnant (miscarried at 7 weeks 15 days ago) I was taking ic hpts to watch the line get darker but the line never got darker. So I bought dollar tree tests and the line got darker, very very dark actually. Same with frer. And everyone I talked to said ic's aren't good for getting darker.*So now I'm using ic opks. Started testing 9 days after I passed the baby. I'm now on cd15. The test line has been soooo faint every time. Hardly noticeable at all. And it looks the same every day. When I take dollar tree opks the test line is usually pretty noticeable, even when not positive. I'm wondering if maybe ic's just aren't working for me because two days ago at cd14 I had af like cramps for a bit and then yesterday I had a glob of bloody discharge and I've been damp down there the past 3 days. I don't temp but I think I may have ovulated even though I didn't get a positive with ic opks. Anyone else experience this or just not trust ic opks to get darker and be accurate?

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