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Originally Posted by Barbieann1123 View Post
Hi! I have taken provera to start my AF. I can't seem to O on my own so I've been having to do provera for 7 days and then clomid cd 5-9. When taking provera AF has taken anywhere from 2 days after my last pill to almost a week! Hope that helps.
How long did you wait before going to the doctor's due to AF being late?

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Well the DH and I have been ttc for a while now. So after not having AF for about 2 months I went to do something about not ovulating. So the gave me the provera to start AF so I could take the clomid to hopefully ovulate. The first month I didn't O so I had to take the provera again. This month I did O but no BFP but I did start my AF and didn't have to take the provera again

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Hey Angelwings!! I too have PCOS but have also been lucky to have pretty regular periods! I had my period jan 7th, feb 10th, march 10th, april 13th and then nothing.... I randomly had a gyn appt on May 15th so he made take a blood test to check if I was pregnant. ( I knew I wasn't, I had taken 2 hpts both BFN) then on May 23rd, I started brown spotting and thought my period was finally coming.... nope!! I spotted for the next 3 weeks straight! By then I went to the doctor, so to answer your question, I went to the doctor once I was 3 weeks late (after 7wks of no period). I was prescribed Provera and the first day taking it, I started my period!!! So YES our body plays such tricks on us but I think if you're normally regular than you have every right to go the doctor once you're late!!

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