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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Any advise gladly recieved???

Hi all im on CD17 i have PCOS and was not having a cycle until i lost some weight and hey prestow one arrived this month!! i wasnt ovulating before this and am now charting and using OPKS to see if i start!! i havent yet as far as i can tell, but over the last few days i have had an increase in wet watery slippy CM...... tmi. Also i have been really over heating, having episodes of feeling really nauseous but never sick and hot flushy. my husband keeps saying mayne you pregnant but how can i be?? im so sick of BFNs im reluctant to do a test. what Do you think?? and could it be im about to ovulated??

ps my last cycle (a forced one) ended up being 116 days...

thanks for any replies xx

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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It's very possible you could be getting ready to ovulate. Signs of ovulation differ for every one. Plus, us PCOSers have our own set of rules. The only time I've ovulated has been on clomid and even with clomid, I didn't ovulate until CD 19. Just keep tracking and taking your OPK's. Hope this is your month!!

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