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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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AGH! 3bfp 9dpo now 2bfn 10dpo?? Halp!

This is my first month using blood/water for HPTs which has me really freaked out.

I got consistent 6/7/8 BFN with the blood/water on the HPT (each test was then soaked in clean water to remove blood.)

Yesterday, 9DPO I got another BFN with the blood in the morning. But last night, I got 2 BFP's (25miu) then, I got another BFP (though much lighter) with a 50miu. Pictures below.

This morning, I was excited to do another couple to confirm....but they were both BFN......!!! I also did a Urine and it was also BFN. Mind you, I used the lower sensitivity tests today...(the 50miu as I had run out of the 25miu)

Does anyone know if it's normal to get inconsisent HPT's in very early pregnancy????

Looking fore reassurance. I already told my DH and I am just freaking out right now....

Further chart looks so darn good this month!

My Ovulation Chart

I should note that the tests I have been using were NOT designed for blood but I am using a whole blood/water collection method described in various places on the internet, and I have received confirmation from my mother-in-law the midwife that this is a valid method instead of urine. I read that this method could indeed catch hcg surges much earlier than urine due to the consistent concentration in the blood that is unaffected by the dilution urine can suffer.

Any thoughts at all are appreciated.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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9DPO is really still early.
I don't know a lot about HPT and blood, and their accuracy that early on- or positive consistency.
Did you also try urine today?
I think 9, or 10 DPO is really too early to detect 25miu, I know it's possible, but usually you start to get those results a few days later.

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