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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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When do you dtd???

Hi all!!!

So I was just wondering- my gynae told me not to have sex until I got a positive opk!! Was just wondering what you all thought????

My husband works away, this cycle he is home for the whole time and I feel it's just a waste but then I also think, we have tried having sex every day and every other day so why not give this a go and see?! I bought the new clearblue with dual hormone indicator opks, I have had a flashin smiley since Thursday which was only cd8, my cycles vary either 28 days with ovualtion around 14 and 32 days wit ovualtion around 18/19!

Please any advice wold be great, I just feel silly cuz my hubby is home but scared that we will dtd then when af arrives ill regret not sticking to my plan of waiting!! Also intrusive my gynae with my life so really I should try what she said!!

Sorry for the ramble!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Don't worry it's not a ramble. I was told the same thing, then I was told to do it every other day. I used an ovulation kit, but I had an idea when I was getting close and bingo!

I just did it whenever then three days before I was opk positive I didn't and then did. My cycle is between 26-35 days so a kits was really helpful. Fingers crossed for you.

PS - I had a positive opk about 4 days after af finishes

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