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miss bryant
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Please say im normal...

So hey im back again 3 years on.. i am very broody and would love another. I was on the depo injection and havent had anymore since march, in the last 5 weeks i have had a period every week bar 1. Is this normal ???

love a very confused mummy of 2 xx

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I was on that about 15 yrs ago, when I stopped taking it I had my period for 3 months straight, some clots the size of a tennis ball. I also gained 30 pounds, I was only on it for a little less than a year. I tell you every person (friend) that has ever mentioned this to me since I have said noooooooooo. It was a really bad experience for me.

I hope this helps, so to answer your question yes to bleed a lot once off of it - its normal. I went to the hospital over it because I thought I was having a miss.

take care

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You can reach out to your doctor for Provera to stop the excess bleeding and give you back normal cycles, it can also help you jump start ovulation.

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Usually what a doctor may suggest is birth control pills for a couple months to get the cycle on track. My sister bleed for 6 months straight and a friend for a year and when the doc have them the pill for a couple months, they were back to normal cycles

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Same here...bled basically every day to every other day for almost a was awful...I vowed to never go back on Depo because getting off of it was so awful...that was 4 years ago...

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