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Advice On Clomid

Hi there,
Just a quick question to ask any of you girls if you have experience of Clomid?
If so I'd love to hear your story and tips etc....

I'm almost 34, TTC our 1st and cycles have gone awol after 10 cycles of steady ones!!
We are having tests but I feel it's likely they will try me on Clomid.
I know very little about it and would love to hear your experiences of it.

Thankyou xxx

P.S. Will post this is the long term TTC secton too. xx

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Hi! I did 2 cycles of Clomid... my last 2 cycles. I didn't really have much for side effects while taking it. I got light headed a couple of times, my boobs were chronically sore, and not much else. The first cycle, I had chemically induced happiness/giddiness. You can ask Crypto about her experience with that part, as she had chemically induced euphoria. I think she got it better than I did!

I could definitely feel my ovaries expanding with follicle growth. Ovulation was uncomfortable the first cycle, because I accidentally went to the gym right before. Physical activity makes it worse. The 2nd cycle, I could feel it but not nearly as bad.

After O? OMG! You can symptom spot all you want after O. Clomid almost guarantees early pregnancy symptoms... whether you're pregnant or not! So, enjoy the SS, but do it cautiously! I was very excited until I realized that it was just the Clomid. I had read it 100 times, but didn't believe it until it happened. I had decided I wouldn't have pg symptoms from taking it... but I was wrong!

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. I'm on here all the time and happy to help! to you!

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Sue Dunhym
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Hi there. Like Megg, I've had 2 cycles of clomid so far (50mg) and am on my 3rd. I haven't experienced any negative symptoms at all, and infact my periods were lighter than before. The only other symptom I noticed was an excess of CM after ovulation, which is no bother really.

I've been very happy with clomid as I wasn't ovulating previously and now am. Can't ask for more than that.

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