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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Period late, tight abdomen, possible implantation bleeding?

Does anyone have advice? This has happened the last two months in a row and Im not really sure whats going on because it never use to happen.

Im trying to conceive, and have been tracking my ovulation date and having sex on and around those days that I am fertile and ovulating. Last month and now this month, I have started spotting on the day I was suppose to get my period. Last month I was almost certain I was pregnant and I figured it was implantation bleeding. But I spotted for a day or two (very little, pinkish color, only when I wiped after going to the bathroom), then it stopped for a couple days and then I got my actual period a couple days later. Now this month its happening again. On the 26th (todays the 31st) I was suppose to get my period. I got the weird pinkish spotting again. Sometimes a little brown but nothing too dark. Very little and only when I wiped. It started on the 26th and lasted a little into the 27th but and then was gone. Yesterday (the 30th) the spotting started again, but very little and only when I wiped. Now its the 31st and still no sign of my period. Ive been having little cramps here and there, off and on for about 5 days which keeps making me think Im going to wake up with my period the next day but it hasnt happened yet. I also have noticed my lower abdomen is very tight.
Anyone know whats going on or have any explanation?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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You should test. A pregnancy test should be positive after a missed period. The only other thing is you could have a late period. Some people are really in tune with their bodies.
For instance, I have very light spotting a few days before my period so I'm always sure when it will arrive. I noticed this after thinking I was late a few times. I am hoping you are not like me. Babydust

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