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Negative HPT's on Pregnant women by DPO - worth a read!

So I was curious about the percentage of negative tests at DPO on women who end up being pregnant - so therefore false negatives.

I did a little research on

and it was very interesting!

Starting at 15DPO - the average day for AF to arrive

15 - 11.4% were negative tests
16 - 11.5%
17 - 12.8%
18 - 10.7%
19 - 11.9%
20 - 9.9%
21 - 9.1%

That was as far as I could go. So up to a week past when AF would be due for the average female, 1 in every 10 (round figures) will still get a negative test! Basically I feel going by this is if you are late, and you know your body to say how late you actually are, the best idea is to get bloods done!

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Yep I found that yesteray and that it was interesting! I think it wasn't until around 10 dpo that the percentage dropped to below 20%.

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