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OPK question....

I used my first OPK yesterday on CD9. It seems that the lines were darker yesterday than they are today. Does that mean anything? I wonder if I OV on CD 8? That just seems soooo early. Last month my cycle was 24 days, but the two months before that they were 30-32. Confused and discouraged hoping I didn't miss my chance this month


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I dont know what type of test you are using, but if its the ones with the pink lines, green end on the stick, the test line has to be as dark as the control line to be a +. If its lighter its counted as a neg. I can get a faint pink line any day of the month, but just before O it comes up as dark as the control, then after O its back to faint again. Good luck!xxx

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it might not be too early hun. do have to be as dark as the control line. also you can ovulate up to 36 hours after your positive opk, so get another session in today.
good luck! xx

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I got faint lines for two days and got excited, then re=read the directions and realised thats a - anyway!! The line has to be darker to be counted as a positive, good luck hun!!

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everyone gets a peak between 5-9 i think doesnt mean you have OV x

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