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If you have bn pregnant before *metalic taste*

Hi Ladies

I am 4 dpo..... and going crazy not feeling 100 %, but not feeling ill....just feel strange.

I wondered if anyone had experience the metallic taste people talk about as a symptom of early pregnancy???? I have a weird feeling in my throat...its not sore anymore....kinda of gritty if that makes sense??? I have a horrid taste in my mouth have done for 2 days...keep thinking I need to brush my teeth.....

Does anyone know what this is? Or even think I am ill...can it take over 4 days to get ill?? I have no fever or anything like that....dull headache, weird throat, occasional tummy pain.

Am I going crazy?

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Erm, i think it may be early for that but some poeple say you can have symtoms from Day1.


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