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How many DPO can you test??

So, how many DPO can you actually test for a BFP (realistically speaking) and DPO...does that mean days post + OPK or actual ovulation?

Im new to all this, July I had a BFP after our Honeymoon sadly I lost it but I wasnt POAS or just appeared



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Hard one! Some people seem to get +ve from 7dpo. Its probably not a great idea incase of chemical pregnancy, however will power has a lot to do with this.

Realistically you should wait until af is due, plus it avoids the disappointment of seeing a -ve when it may be a +ve.

DPO is from actual ovulation, generally the day after the opk....

TBH you are asking the wrong person I secretly pee on sticks quite consistently through my cycle.....! It makes me feel that I am doing "something". Lord knows what....!

Good luck hun. XXX

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they say its good to wait it out till after AF is due, but most ladies on here are POAS addicts lol so we test from 7DPO right up till AF
best of luck darling!!

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