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DH and I went to high school together, except I didn't know it. The first time I met him I was actually married and he was going to be getting married. Funny thing is his ex wife and my ex husband used to date in high school. Anyhow, they invited us over for his ex wife's b-day party and DH and I hung out all night. He was the first friend I had ever met of my ex that could actually hold an intelligent conversation. He was nice but we were both involved so it wasn't anything more then a nice chat. Our exes didn't like that we hit it off so well and forbid us to ever hang out again. Fast forward a few years and I am getting a divorce and moving away. A mutual friend brought him to my going away party and I asked him where his wife was and he said he was getting a divorce too. We hung out all night and he called the next day and I was so excited but he ended up asking for my sisters number. I was upset but gave it to him. I moved and didn't hear from him til 5 months later when he called me on the 4th of July. Turns out back when he asked for my sisters number he wanted to ask me out but froze and since we had been with my sister the night before that was the fastest thing he could think of. We were married a year and a half later in 07'!!

Funny how things work out!!!

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Ok so my tale of how I met my DH is not very good. I met him at the bar after a softball game. Me and my team went there for the two for one drinks. LOL His hat matched my uniform and I asked him for it. He would give it to me but said he had another just like it at home and I could come get it..... Well I left his house for work the next am and didn't speak to him for about 2wks and he called and asked me out. We did break up for 3months when I thought the grass was greener on the other side but other than that we have been together 4 1/2yrs married for just over 1.

Now I get to wear that hat anytime I want and no he didn't have one just like it at home. LMAO

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Awww I love reading all these stories, keep them coming :-)

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I met DH when I was 17. I had just graduated high school and was at my brother's girlfriends graduation party. DH was there, looking smoking hot in his suit. We flirted through out the evening , where he ended up taking me out after the party. Long story short, my brother ended up marrying the girlfriend who is my DH's first cousin. Sounds bad, I know, lol. But the bright side of the story is they divorced and DH and I were married. Been going strong for 8+ years.

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I met DH in a night club nearly 6years ago. Went out after having my arm twisted by my brother (it was his birthday), my dad actually said to me "don't go meeting anyone and falling in love, we're moving in a month and half" I didn't actually tell DH that I was moving until 2weeks before I was due to leave (from the midlands to dorset) as soon as I told him he declared his love for me. we spent 6months apart before I moved back up to be with him

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i met my boyfriend online. i was sworn off boys after dating a knobhead a few months earlier, & was in a complete, "woe is me" phase. i started blogging, began commenting on someone else's blog, who was a friend of the boy's. he told the boy to read my blog, as he thought the boy would find it interesting. the boy left me a comment that made me cry, it was so lovely, but no way of contacting him back. so i replied back to it, in the hope this person would come back & see it.

he did, we exchanged email addresses, began to talk via email for a bit, then swapped phone numbers, began flirting like crazy. i'd stay up all night to talk to him online, when he got stuck in work all night.

after a few months, he suggested meeting up, he came 250 miles on the train to see me, we fell in love, & lived happily ever after.


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i met mine in the local pub when i was sloshed! as usual i was talkin to everyne and anyone and invited him off clubbing!

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I met DH online when I was 15, he was 18. We were on a Roleplay site called AEW and our characters were thrown into the plotline together... My best friend was already on there and roleplaying with Alex's best friend, Jarod... Well I only really spoke to Jarod (because my best friend was) and then he told me that the guy I was roleplaying with was his best friend and another guy on there was also a friend.. I started talking to Alex a bit, but he was quite distant and didn't actually seem interested in talking to we all moved on and built our own RP website, FF and I started talking to the OTHER friend, Kyle...well we talked for bloody ages and got along real well. Then he was a dick and I started RPing with Alex again, he started talking to me a bit more on MSN and stuff (still seemed like a moody b*stard!!!) and we just talked for ages, kept talking on and off for 3 years, then I finally had enough money and confidence to come over to the US to meet him.

Well I ended up staying, we got engaged and then we got married. And here we are!

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Old Oct 7th, 2009, 15:53 PM   19
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Met while I was travelling round the world. We bumped into each other in Thailand on a remote island, he is from New Zealand. He kept in touch whilst i carried on traveling for a furthur 4 months...then came to the UK and moved in with me! the rest is history!!! Got married in June ;-) xx

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We both grew up in a tiny village about 500 yards from each other without knowing! I got offered a job serving breakfasts in our local pub when I was 17 and the world cup was in Japan or Korea or somewhere like that!! He asked me out but I was busy that night which he took as a brush off and didn't speak to me for months! The night before I was due to go to Uni that September I bumped into him in a club in London and we kissed and then I left for Oxford, I came home at Christmas and picked up some more shifts in the pub and we 'officially' got together!

Two years later we moved in together, a year after that we got engaged and we got married in May this year in Vegas after almost 7 years together!!

have loved reading all these stories! xx

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