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I love these stories!! It was a Sunday evening in Jan. 2005 and I had loads of laundry to do, I lived in an apartment bulding that only had 3 washers and 3 dryers, every time I went to throw a load in all of the machines were being used, so I thought I would run downstairs one more time to see if any where available. I walked into the laundry room to see a guy dressed in his Sunday grubs, I told him that when he was done to come knock on my apartment door so I could get a least one load in that evening. So I head back up to my apartment and told my roommate that if some guys shows up that he is just here to tell me the washers were free. About an hour later there is a knock on the door and there stood the guy, showered, shaven and dressed to impress. So I threw a load in, he stayed for a beer and the rest is history

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I met my wonderful husband June 2008 when i was 17. He had just turned 21 and graduated from boot camp && AIT. He came home for his two weeks leave between AIT and his first duty station at Fort Hood. We strangly had a group of the same friends but had never met before. Well one of our mutual friends call me and said that me and a girl friend of mine should come hang out. So we went and hung out. Me and my husband hit it right off. None stop talking and flirting. It was an immediate ease around him. Unfortunatley by the time I met him he was about to leave. I met him two days before he was leaving to head to Fort Hood. After he left we stayed very close talking all the time. Sadly though I was already emotionally involved with my ex who was needless to say a jerk so I stopped talking to my husband. He was deployed to Iraq in September 2008. We talked evey once in a while but my ex wasn't to fond of that so we lost touch for a couple months. I had a horrible time with my ex who actually got engaged to another woman while we were together. But anyways I finally got up the strength to end that horrible relationship. And there was my wonderful husband still waiting. He returned home from iraq in febuary and we were engaged in april && married in may. He is absolutely the best thing ever. He's my whole world. He treats me like a princess and will make a AMAZING father.

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I met my DH 5 years ago at work when I was 22. I was the newbie in the office and he was so sweet to me from the very start. I was engaged to someone else, didn't realise how unhappy I was. I used to talk to DH, just as friends, after about a year and a half he told me that if ever I had a change of heart he would always be there for me and would show me what real love was and that he had fallen in love with me the instant he met me and that my 'then' fiance didn't deserve me. After that I tried to steer clear of him because I couldn't ignore tht I had feelings for him but I couldn't live settling for second best. I told my 'then' fiance that I wasn't happy and that I didn't want to get married, he admited that it wasn't what he wanted either, he wanted to live the single life. So... we sold our house and went our seperate ways. I bought my own little house and started a relationship with DH about 3 months later. We moved in together in September 07, got engaged Sept 08 and got married Sept 09. I have truly never been happier and can't wait to get the news that we are expecting a baby, we will be 100% over the moon.

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Long..but worth it haha

I met my marine husband on the beach I was on vacation and actually was in a relationship for 4 years at the time haha (young puppy love type thing) with an army soldier deployed to Iraq. I liked his friend (all marines on vacation after coming back from deployment!)..but when I went to go add his friend online I had seen his picture in the comments saying how much prettier the girl with the brown hair was compared to her tall blonde friend and how lucky he was that I was flirting with him the whole night. I got a terrible visit from my then boyfriend's mother saying he had passed away (road side bombs :'( ) and needed support but when his friend stopped talking to me..I added him just to see what was up and we hit it off. We were best friends and I was so comfortsable with him and we decided to hang out so I drove 5 states away to go be with him (he normally lives 20 minutes away from me so when he is out of the marine corps we will have our house!). It was love from the first time I kissed his lips and he held me in his arms I knew he was the one and we've been together ever since! He is going on his last deployment to Afghanistan in January and I am so scared for this one! I pray for him everyday and for the day we can finally be together and not just see each other on the weekends..he is my soulmate and couldn't love anyone better

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I met my OH in a retro club (where everyone wears '40s and '50s outfits and hairdos etc) three and a half years ago

He was wearing a trilby and spatz and I had a kind of showgirl outfit on with a corset and stuff!

It was a really weird night, I was building myself up after a bad break up (7 years with a loser who made me lose all my friends and my confidence). I was trying to get out there and meet people again, but it was really hard.. until I met this random guy on myspace (just as friends!) who was into Burlesque nights and stuff like that. He invited me to his birthday party at this retro club and, well.. I had to get dressed up like a showgirl and then walk there on my own and wait outside, not even sure what this guy looked like or if he was even going to show up! I felt sooo self conscious...

Finally he did show up, his friends were lovely, and pretty much as soon as I got through the door I saw my OH. He came over and dropped a cheesy chat up line and that was me, sorted!

OH was recovering from a terrible relationship too so he was surprised to find himself head over heels! (he refers to the time with his ex as 'rachel's rein of terror!)


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