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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Just the one fallopian tube

I had an ectopic a couple of years ago and I know that I have only one fallopian tube does anyone know if I have one month on one month off chances of concieving? Also someone told me that sometimes they just work double time to make up for it? and is it true that I am more likely to have twins?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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hi you ovulate by random one month you ovulate on your right side then the next 2 month you could ovulate on your left or vise versa hope this helps.

angie x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Angie is spot on. When your ovary releases the egg it normally travels down the adjacent fallopian tube and you normally alternate between the two ovaries. The egg can be released and travel down the opposite side but is rare, but not out of the question! So your chances of conception are still good being both ovaries and the remaining tube are in good nick!

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The girls are right but it means it likely to take slightly longer (on average) not result in twins.

I have one tube and dr prescribed clomid to try to increase the chance of ovulation/no of eggs/quality of eggs.

Good luck hun. X

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hi there...i had my left ovary & i assume the tube removed too when i was 3 days old as it had large cysts on it. I conceived my daughter who is now nearly 4 after just 6 mths of ttc so it can def happen so dont feel disheartened i hear dif things from so many people regarding how often we '1 tubers' ovulate etc.....ive been told that i still ov every mth & the 1 ovary i have does double the work.....i dont know...i now realise just how lucky i was to conceive my daughter after just 6 mths....we have been ttc for 14 mths this time with no sniff a BFP xx

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I know a lady who had twins (faternal) after loosing one tube to EP. That was without help. Maybe the rates are higher with one tubers of twins as you have a greater chance of having fertility help (like IVF or clomid to help produce more eggs and maximise the chances of conception)
I am a one tuber and would love twins. It would make up for the wait to conceive IYKWIM.
As for ovulating alternates then no it doesn't happen like that as Angie33 said. Your ovaries compete with each other basically to produce the egg for the month. The ovary winning the race usually ovulates whilst the second best ovary retires for the month and pulls out of the releasing the egg race. Occasionally this doesn't happen and you ovulate more then one egg and get your faternal twins this way or the same ovary will produce more then the one egg.
Your opposite tube can get the egg from the other side but not religiously. Provided your tube is still in good condition (mine is not ) and you ovulate regularly then your chances of conception relatively quickly are good. Oh and your DTD and have ok sperm there of course lol
Goodluck in your ttc journey.

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Well with my ectopic my right tube grabbed the left ovaries egg and the doctor said they are beginning to think this is less rare. Fortunately I didnt have a tube removed but this month I felt BOTH my ovaries revving up!
Good luck with your journey. x

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