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Charting experts... Are my sedatives doing this?

Rightio, for the past two cycles I've literally just been taking my temps as I wake up and it seems to be stable enough even though I can wake up any time between 9am and 2pm! See below links.

Yet I've been told this is so wrong to do and not very accurate so this cycle I decided to set an alarm for 10am and took it at 10am. My chart this month speaks for itself! What is going on with my body?! I wonder if it could be because I am on very tranquillising medication. My temps seem to be most stable when I wake up naturally off my medication (which tends to be about after 10 hours).

Anyone have any experience with BBTing while on sedatives? Anyone have ANY insight as to what is going on? I do sleep solid and it's not like my sleep is interrupted because the sedatives just have me out cold lol. Could it be something to do with disturbing a deep sleep? Anyone? Lol!

Jodi x

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