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coming up on one year TTC #1 and no BFP...only 24 yrs old...ideas?

Hi there,

Dh and i started ttc #1 in nov of 2012. we tried actively for about 5 cycles and no luck so we switched to NTNP...still nothing. For a while i had felt lucky that we didn't get our BFP yet because "life happened" and the stress of moving, financial issues, etc had been pretty tough to deal with. until recently i was okay with not being pregnant but just this past cycle things were much different. I am almost 100% certain that i just had a chemical pregnancy. Dh and i dtd 3 times during my fertile period and i had about 6 "symptoms" during the tww that i have literally NEVER had in my life. I was convinced we finally did it. But then, af showed up two days late and i hadn't tested. even af was so much different than ever before. i guess there's no sure way of telling if i did in fact conceive but the thing that bothers me most is that i was in a small car accident a couple days after O would have happened and im wondering if that's the reason it didnt stick. Could this be possible? Have any of you ever had a chemical pregnancy before and if so, did you get a BFP soon after. I am pretty upset by this and i'm eager to start working on getting the BFP again.

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The only way you will know for BFP is to test. I had early m/c (about 6 weeks) and then another BFP the cycle right after. I highly doubt the car accident had anything to do with your egg not sticking. Remember that your uterus is well protected and lots of fluid so the jolts you feel aren't necessarily felt inside the womb! Good luck on your next cycle!!

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I would recommend opks. If ur not already using them. To help predict ovulation......I do that and CHART and have since ttc in February. Still no BFP yet .....I am 25 .... And dh is almost 29. Patience :-) the stress in tour life could alter the process...I'd tour concerned talk to your Dr. Good luck.

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