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Thank you I quite simply don't! All I can do is every other day or as much as poss! This cycle I had lots of ewcm throughout so can't use that but I did have a lot of cramps the last few weeks, all I can do is guess my gestation based on when I got my bfp!

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Please tell me you are still around. I see you have not posted since July

I have PCOS and I really believe I ovulated but my Temps are so erratic there is nothing to see from them. I believe I have very low progesterone as I get bad PMS, very sore nipples, and sore breasts sometimes for 2 weeks straight in my LP.

This month I got my positive OPK's for 3 days. I know they can't always be trusted. But I had watery CM, and after O symptoms.

They are my own personal symptoms like night sweats and hot flashed OMG! I wake up wet. But this has only happened to me after O.

Do you happen to have your old chart lol! The one without a clear shift. If not, is there anymore information you have? There is virtually nothing on line. I had suspected I have been having weak O's sometimes and maybe that is what happened this cycle.

After the day I feel I old I became extremely moody and cried so hard because I felt I would never get pregnant. That is not like me. I am talking about having puffy eyes and having to blow my nose crying.

Usually if I don't O, I am pretty even tempered throughout my entire cycle.

Any help would be much appreciated. This may be something that occurs with PCOS women.

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Old Jul 18th, 2016, 09:28 AM   13
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YES! It's possible!

Thought I would chime in for anyone googling this later on....Just got my BFP three days in a row so it IS possible to O without a temp shift.

I had all clear signs of O on day 13 or 14. EWCM, cervix soft, high, open, + OPK on day 13, sore boobs immediately following. Rather than a temp increase, my temps dropped, then hovered around or under the coverline for the next 6 days (I am a diligent bbt'er - set an alarm every morning, no variations). My chart kept showing that I didn't O because I had no temp shift. The shift came almost a week later at cycle day 21. Chart says this is when I O'd, but got my BFP on cycle day 24...Doubt that would have happened only 3 days after O!

Moral of the story, I successfully ovulated and conceived with no temp shift until a week later.

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Thank you for this it gives me hope! I'm taking a temping break this month because temping was making me crazy. I often have several days delay between my positive OPK and temp shift, so it makes it tricky to know if/when I O'd. Going to try vaginal temping next month in hopes of seeing more stable temps and a clearer shift.

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Old Dec 5th, 2017, 02:58 AM   15
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I know this thread is old but i'm hoping same thing happens to me. I seem to have an anov cycle. I have PCOS and this gives me hope that I could still be pregnant even without a thermal shift. My current cycle seems to give me a low post-O temps that's why I'm thinking I'm having anov cycle again. Every time I O I always have a significant thermal shift this time even though FF detected O i still don't wan't to believe it. Maybe I'm still in the run for ovulation or maybe i'm pregnant without a thermal shift? Really glad someone out their got their without a thermal shift. Will update what happens in this cycle in a couple of days/weeks.

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