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heavy painful period after laparoscopy, is this normal?

I had a lap done on dec. 3rd. they found mild endo & removed a hemmoragic cyst and disconnected my ovary from my pelvic wall because it was attached. I had a few days of bleeding afterwards and awaited my period due dec 18th which was late (my periods are usually normal) . starting the 18th I had very very light spotting when wiping after going to the bathroom in the morning so I disregarded it because it was hardly anything. I have had cramps for about a week now and then today af went in to full force mode. cramps are horrible I had to take 6 Aleve within 8 hrs. the flow is SUPER heavy. like changing tampons every half hour tonight. I also am wearing pads with the tampons and it also gets soaked (sry tmi). I don't wanna freak out cause I have heard the first period after a lap is heavier than usual. but is it THIS heavy? I heard the first months after a lap are the best times to try. is that true even with this abnormally heavy period? thanks !

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