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Don't know how much more I can take.....

DH and I have been ttc #1 for just over a year now, and yet again, AF has just reared her ugly head. I'm bereft.
Just don't know if I can keep doing this; feeling positive all month, only to be set up with a massive fall again.
I've had blood tests done, and they came back clear, but my DH is dragging his heels in about visiting his GP.

I need some positive news to keep me going, and any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

I've tried the CBFM, but it hardly ever peaked. Am considering trying the ibasal thermometer. Anyone tried it?

Have any of you tried preseed?

Soooooo frustrating!

Thanks in advance ladies. Xx

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I know how you feel I've been ttc my first for just over a year but due to long and irregular cycles i hardly get Af I suspect pcos.

Maybe conceive plus/preseed might help and do you chart you bbt it may be worth charting a few cycles to see if you ovulate.

I wish you lots of luck and hope you get a BFP soon x

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have you looked into herbs/vitamins to help both you and your partner hun?

took me 16 months to conceive DS2 xx

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Do u temp?

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