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Been lurking around the pg boards

And reading the other girls posts I think when we do get preggers were not telling anyone ANYTHING about it! haha

people seem so nosy and opinionated about other peoples pregnancy its starting to make me worry im going to rip everyones head off when its my turn Im defiantly thinking now im not telling anyone what name we want (we already have them picked out ) because I dont think I could cope if someone said it was awful!

anyone else think or done the same?


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Whilst it great to graduate from TTC to 1st tri (I will back to TTC board in a few months as I am having a missed MC at the mo ) I can tell you that the TTC board "atmosphere" is so much more fun. Nonetheless, wish you all a very short stay here.

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I agree. The atmosphere is alot better!! - But again, I dont hope for any of us to be here much longer. I too suffered a MC not long ago... but, first tri taught me NOT to tell any1!! xxx

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