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Is this an evap line?!

Hi everyone,

I am so confused! Took this test this morning, put it in bin after couple of mins and caught sight of it when I got home from work and it has turned positive! Now I would say it was an evap line but it is pink like the control line!? very confused! Helpppp! xx (16DPO)

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I'd say evap for sure... Especially that style test, I always got evaps (even pink) ... Test tomorrow, the line needs to come up within the timeline indicated on the box (generally under 5min)
Good Luck !!!! ...update when you text next !

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I had a pink evap last week after putting a test in the bin and then being crazy and thinking I should have another look. You're supposed to keep tests flat and my theory is that as it was still wet and on an angle in the bin, the pink dye just ran into the test line. I'm most definitely not pregnant, AF currently kicking my butt, so I have no doubt it was an evap.

Agree with PP that the result needs to come up within the time frame specified by the test.

Test again in a few days if you still haven't had AF.

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To be cautious, I'd go with an evap because I think it's much more painful to imagine it as a BFP and then find out on another test that it was an evap but I'd also definitely say if you can, take another test to be sure good luck xx

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