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Head cold?

Can catching a really bad head cold affect conception/ovulation/implantation?

Let me start by saying this is my first month off the nuvaring so I have no idea what my cycles are like, and I'm just going off the assumption that you ovulate roughly 14 days after the start of your cycle.

If that's the case, I would've O'd on the 22nd, and OH and I DTDd like crazy all week around it. On the 23rd, I got weird stabbing pains on the left side of my abdomen, but they seemed to be way lower than I'd guess my ovaries are, they were just a couple inches above my pubic bone. I also had clear cm that day, and it went back to being white afterwards. On the evening of the 24th, I started coming down with a head cold, which was made way worse on the 26th when we had to take two flights. On the 27th, I had a fever of 101, which finally broke on the 28th. Today, the 29th, my fever is still gone, but my head cold symptoms are getting worse.

We were on a cruise from the 19th to the 26th. We visited Mexico twice, Belize, and Honduras. Both of us got sick abroad, so we're worried that it's something exotic, although we know without a doubt that it is NOT ebola.

I don't really have pregnancy symptoms. I got a ton of acne, which is unusual for me, and a ton of diarrhea. I usually get diarrhea once or twice a day (I have for most of my life) but since the 25th, I have had it at least 4 times a day, every day. Those are the only noticeable changes.

I have a gut feeling that I'm not pregnant. Is it possible to get pregnant and then lose it because of the cold/fever, or could the cold/fever prevent you from getting pregnant?

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having a cold affects your immune system, not your genitalia/reproduction but if i had an infection or was severely sick, my period would be late. not sure if it had to do with my ovulation or not as i didnt fall sick til after the ovulation but this was in my kid years. then again, my period was a little off by a few days every month anyway.

ever since conception, ive had sneezing on a daily basis and i still sneeze daily to this day. it was never like a cold but i did have mucous sometimes. most of the time its dry sneezing but lately its been really gross.

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If anything it makes conception or implantation more likely as your NK cells will be lower because its trying to fight off the virus .I have heard many storys of women conceiving while sick , infact I had a horrible cold when I conceived my last baby.

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It might also happen as a result of being pregnant. When your egg is fertilised by a sperm within hours it causes the release of a hormone that lowers your immune response (EPF). That's why many women report illness as an early pg sign. It should in fact be the earliest sign, as the hormone gets to work well before implantation. I caught Hand, foot and mouth from my toddler days after conception when I was pg with my daughter. Adults don't normally get it, but with my lowered immune system, it got me! I worried at the time that the high fever I had and general yuckiness would affect my chances that month, but nearly a year later and my little girl is curled up on my chest. Good luck! Hope it's a good sign for you and that you don't feel too bad with it.

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