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HELP!!! i need advice!!!

okay... so here is my situation right now girls...
i last had sex with my husband on sept 1st 2014, i also have polystic ovaries. September 15th- September 22nd... and also Ocotber 10th-16th i had lighter than usual bleeding/ i usually get my period every 3-4months.
and i did some first response pregnancy tests on 19th of sept... that were very faint positives, but i thought nothing of it and carried on with life. but now for almost 1 week im having like a FUZZY/WEIRD/SENSATION in my head, like constantly... my biggest question is, can this be a pregnancy Sign??? i also had like a light numb feeling in my thigh (which is now not so numb and nearly back to normal). i have never had this funny feeling in my head before. I did have an ultrasound on oct 9th 2014 2 check my ovaries and the results stated that i have a 15mm corpus luteum on my left ovary and my endometrium measures 11mm... sorry if this is confusing, but i really need advice ladies.
any advice/help will be good and i am testing this monday to check if im pregnant (just ordered some tests from ebay).

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If you have had faint positives then I would suspect you are pregnant, the bleeding could have been implantation bleeding. Only a test can tell you for sure

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If you had faint positives then congrats u are Pregnant �� every woman is different & experience different type of pregnancy symptoms while pregnant . Go to the doctor & get some blood work done to Check Ur HCG levels & stuff

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