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Morning pee

I know the chances of the test being accurate is better in the morning but I was wondering if I just held it for about six hours (that's how long I sleep) and then took it if it would be the same thing? When I pee after my alarm goes off I'm usually half asleep and forget to grab the test before it's too late.

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I held it for 4 hours last time and got faint positive - took one in the am faint positive and then held for 4 hours before taking a new one in the PM and same faint positive!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi! I just read on a pregnancy test's site that if you wait 4 hours that should be enough time for your body to build up the hormone in the urine as long as you dont over hydrate.

I just recently took a test with my FMU and got a faint positive- tried again about 3 hrs later and got a much darker positive from the same brand of test! Someone on here advised me that sometimes ladies get a better line later in the day, and that ended up being the case for me!

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