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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Idk if these are symptoms or if my body is playing a mean joke

First off, hi guys!
This is my first time posting my own thread in here, and I would really appreciate some feed back before I drive myself

I have had irregular menstrual cycles my whole life and so has my mother. I haven't been to any doctors about it, although I have had an internal u/s to check for cysts before. Nothing came back so I'm assuming I dont have PCOS.

ANYWHO, on to these symptoms, well, idk if they are symptoms or not but these are the things that I've noticed ! For a couple days now my bbs have been, not sore, but more of a mild achy feeling with sharp twinges here and there. They feel heavy to my body but if I pick them up with my hands I can't tell a change. My ears ring multiple times a day. (SO annoying). I've been cramping for a couple days off and on with some pain around my hips. My sleeping pattern is complete and utter CRAP.

My body is the QUEEN of playing tricks on me, so I'm not putting too much into it , I was just wondering if these are even symptoms or if I'm legit coo coo lol

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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hi bookie
my body plays the same tricks on me also. I used to put alot if thought into one time ago its crazy
but I would suggest that you dnt over think this.., just relax hun
I had almost the same symtoms last month but I no how tricky my body is so I didn't pay it no was so bad one time that my body would give of the same symptoms of being pregnant
and every month I would brake down after testing and getting a bfn
so for now just relax and what will be will be
many many baby dust for us both :

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I agree, those symptoms could go either way. It's so frustrating, I know! Have you been charting or OPKs? I would however go see an ob/gyn about your irregular cycles, depending on how long you've been ttc. Maybe there is another reason your cycles are doing that, and it would be good to rule that out once and for all. Also they might have some suggestions to even out your cycle (I've seen some on here too!). Anyway good luck!

ps- what a cute avatar!

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My body likes to play tricks too. I switch between being convinced I'm pregnant and being convinced I'm about to get af. I think it's all the extra concentrating we do on everything our body does when ttc.

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