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Bloating...ovulating or nah?

Hello ladies

I am currently waiting to ovulate, should be sometime between tomorrow and Monday(my cycles are sometimes 28 days sometimes 30)...I have semi sore boobs and bloating , I have honestly never checked with an opk and this is my first time ... Today's was negative ...also I have never paid any mind to symptoms so have no idea if what I am feeling is normal or if I am imagining things
If anyone is on the same boat or knows please shed some light...thanks in advance

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This was my first cycle using opk too.

Some advice that I read and received included starting your opk testing earlier than recommended in the instructions until you start becoming familiar with what days in your cycle you usually ovulate.

I started mine on the Monday before I was supposed to ovulate (which was supposed to be between the following Friday-Sunday) and I went from supper light negative lines Monday to finally dark positive lines Friday and by Sunday they were negative again.

It could be you ovulate earlier or later than you thought. Just keep testing and try not to stress too much about it. Good luck!

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