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Strange cervical mucus (TMI post)

I feel like a case, I've had so many weird symptoms since my mmc in July. To add to the concern I've been having some strange CM. It is stretchy like EWCM (I can stretch it about 2 inches between my fingers before it breaks) but it is blood tinged. I'm not sure why but I've had mid cycle bleeding since ttc and I've been to the doctor to be checked for infections but all tests came back negative. Anyways I took an opk thinking I was ovulating since I have ovulated between CD10 and CD23 in past cycles but it was stark white negative, not even a hint of a line. I've also been having pinching pains in my ovaries. Has anyone ever had EWCM before O? Can you get a negative opk and still O? Any input would be very helpful

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I have been getting this too. My cycles have gone wacky this year and I will get some ewcm with the blood tinge and then have some days of light bleeding too all before I ovulate. I have been getting positive OPKs but then I don't ovulate. My Dr thinks I have PCOS but I'm going to a fertility specialist later this month so I will find out more.

Are you still having a regular cycle? You may be getting an LH surge but missing it with your OPKs as sometimes it is only a short window of time. I have ovulated before and missed getting an OPK+ before.

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I always get EWcm about 3-4 days before I O and it continues up until a day or two after O. I don't usually get the blood tinge though, but I've read that some women get some blood in CM around O time.

OPKs can vary person to person. Some women get stark white and then the next day (or that afternoon) can suddenly go +. Others will have a "build up" where the line starts light and slowly gets darker as you get close to O. It's also possible to have a very short surge so you may miss it.

What times are you taking your OPK and are you making sure to have a 3-4 hour hold before? That includes not going to the bathroom and not drinking very much liquid during that 3-4 hours.

If you pick up some ICs you could go to testing twice a day if you have the ability. might catch it then.

The EW cm could also mean you are gearing up to O and then don't, and then later you might again (I've had that before where I Had EWcm, it went away, then a week later got it again and then had O).

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