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Is anyone trying to do some methods to conceive a boy?

We already have a beautiful baby girl and would love a boy. Just wondering if anyone is trying anything to sway for a boy and what they're doing. I know they say DTD as close to ovulation as possible but I've done that a few months and nothing so really want to up my chances of convincing by DTD everyday in my fertile window but still hope for a boy. Of course if I got another girl I'd still love her to pieces. Thanks

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Yeah we are trying for a boy... aparently higher salt diet and positions that allow to go the deepest ... so yeah pretty much that. Plus using a Chinese calendar haha

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I tried for a boy for the last 3 pregnancies and have got them! There are swaying sites out there if you have a google, they offer different advice but the HE/LE way which says High nutrition for a boy, Low nutrition for a girl seemed to fit the pattern of my previous 8 children so I went with that one with so afr fantastic results We arent allowed to post links to other sites but am happy to offer any advice I can ok

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Well I wasn't necessarily "trying" for a boy when I conceived my son because I was only 3-4 months after giving birth to my DD and on birth control (though not taking it regularly) but there were some differences between him and my DD. With my DD we went at it like animals, DTD every day to every other day during the whole cycle. I was not charting or taking opks at that time so I had no idea when I actually ovulated.

With my DS, we DTD a few hours before O and a few hours after O in the doggie position both time. I was taking opks to make sure I wasn't ovulating and boy was I was surprised when on CD 10 I had a positive result! I thought it was just a fluke from starting my BCP since it was so early in my cycle and the fact that my surge only lasted a day but nope! We were pregnant and he was born at 37 weeks.

I was also eating a lot of meat. During my pregnancy with DD I was strictly vegetarian because I was afraid of food poisoning since you're more prone to it during pregnancy. I know cooking helps but I was being extra cautious so by the time she was born, I was a carnivore. I couldn't even look at a vegetable. I still can't to this day.

I have noticed though that every time I conceived in my previous pregnancies I always conceived when I was ill. With my DD I had a sore throat. With my DS I had an awful cold sore which I only get when my immune system is shot. It was weird...

Your DD is beautiful btw

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We were ttc a girl but ended up having a boy instead Lol! We had sex the day of my ovulation, before that it was 3 days previous, its the Shettles method, for boys the day before & day of ovulation is better as boys are faster swimmers, it was my impulsive need for sex ttc last time that got our son i adore him though

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