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When should we BD?!

Okay question. This is my second month off birth control, but last month I O'd on CD15, confirmed by temping, cm, and OPK. Cycle was a Bfn.

So this cycle, I'm on CD14 today, and my OPK was a hair lighter yesterday and today from the control line. I'm having O pains since yesterday evening. Ewcm started this evening. My temp dipped yesterday and rose this morning, but still below my coverline.

We bd'd at CD13, 12, 10, 8, 7.

If we had to choose when to BD and doing today AND tomorrow isn't a possibility, what would you go for? Tonight? Tomorrow morning? Tomorrow evening?

Any advice would be wonderful. We Bd'd last night but I still had watery cm and worry it wouldn't keep the swimmers long enough if I O tomorrow. But I Know oaks can signal ovulation as far as two days in advance...


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Maybe tonight and tomorrow night

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If I were you I would BD tonight and maybe about 12 hours from when you BD'd tonight, then maybe again tomorrow night to make sure you're covered. The 12 hours will give your DH enough time to build back up his swimmers a bit. Good luck!

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