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Clear Blue Advanced Ovulation Kits

Hey everyone I haven't been on here in quite some time I got so discouraged me and my DH decided not to "try" but not to "prevent" either and see if by a miracle we would have a sticky bean. However, no luck with that. So after a year of not "actively trying" we are trying again! I am confused and have a question for any ladies out there using the Clear Blue Advanced Ovulation Kits (not the fertility monitor don't want confusion hehe). The CB Advanced OPK is the one with the O the blinking and the solid Sooo the short of the looooong story is; First, I have never officially been diagnosed with PCOS but my specialists can't find any other reason why I am not ovulating on my own! Therefor they labeled it as PCOS However, I have no cysts, my periods are very irregular but I do get them it's just my cycle varies from lowest 29 days to longest 48 days. So I'm a mess haha! After a year and a half of trying me and my DH went to get a sperm count done. Yeah he didn't like that (men and their ego's geesh ) and we found out some pretty interesting news his count is low low low our fertility doc says his count is in the 5 million range and it should be at 40 million per "deposit" to be a good count! So we were very upset by this news, the two of us together are not good baby making material lol. So we decided to go the route of using donor sperm with at home IUI insemination. So heres my questions ;

I am currently on CD 11 and I am using both the CB Advanced OPK's as well as cheapies to confirm O. This morning the CB Advanced OPK had a flashing which means my fertility is HIGH but not speak, as that would be a solid So I quickly grabbed a cheapie and the line is medium, but its not as dark as the control. So I am very scared because I am praying this face keeps blinking at me for a couple more days and doesn't go solid because out donor sperm was shipped out and will be arriving monday! If I O before then I will miss my egg! I put the order t one shipped Wednesday but it only just got shipped today! Also as I said my cycles range from 29-48 days! Can it be true I'm already close to O?! I have heard that some women have the blinking for days before a solid but others I have hear they have it for a day then a solid I am temping and I see not changes there so I definitely didn't O yet! Im just nervous seeing as we spent $1,800 for three vials of donor sperm. Please help!!! Thanks so mud everyone! I am going to attach a photo of the cheapie opk soon. lots of to all!

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Its possible you could be ovulating early, but I have known my own cycles to surge and then not ovulate, only to resurge later in the cycle. I would perhaps go with the notion that its very possible you could ovulate soon, perhaps too early for the donor to arrive, and in that case get some BD-ing in with you OH, use preseed to give the working sperm as much chance as possible and perhaps, elevate your hips after for as long as you can. Last time i used CB digi opks i never even got a blinky before my solid smiley and i was testing daily

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