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Anyone experiencing this?

I'm not sure if this is related to ttc or something completely different but I thought at first I had a UTI because it felt like I had to pee every 10 minutes, like the pressure feeling you get when you have a UTI. However the urinalysis at the doctors confirmed no overgrowth of bacteria and swabs came back normal. I was put on Cipro as a precautionary measure and just finished the bottle but the pressure is still there! I have an ultrasound scheduled on the 18th to rule out other things like cysts or fibroids but I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or knew what it could be?

As a side note I believe this is the first cycle I've ovulated since my mmc in July based upon opks. In my last few cycles my opks were stark white negative, not even a hint of a line, until the time of O, then they'd get an *almost* positive line that would disappear within 24 hours to stark white negative again. There was just no LH. This month I've taken a few opks and have had lines on every one I've taken which I'm hoping is a good sign, however this is also the first cycle I've experienced this pressure feeling so I'm wondering if the two are related in some way...

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