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Temping pros! help needed.

This may be an obvious question, but because I am still figuring temping out..I will ask.

I have noticed that my temps right now are so erratic! I am expected to O next weekend but so far I am not seeing my familiar trend in my cycle. I have my alarm set at 7:15 everymorning which is when I wake up for work. However I always wake up around 4 am to use the bathroom and it could take me from an hour to a couple minutes to fall back asleep. Knowing that I am getting more then a steady 3 hours or more of sleep before 4am, should I be testing when I wake up to pee and not at 7:15? Would this make any difference in my temping? :-/

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I personally set my alarm for 5. Maybe set your alarm for 4 wether you wake up or not for a wee.

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I would say overall it probably won't matter, but if you consistently wake up early you should probably just change your time to the early time. I now temp at 4:45 am which is when I get up for work...which sucks on weekends but anymore, unless it's a "critical" temp day, I just skip it on weekends or temp when I get up. Some people, like me, have temps that fluctuate more with time of day. Mine definitely do. If i temp at 7:00, even without waking before my temps are significantly higher than at 4:45. The key is to just pick one or the other and be consistent about that.

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I think you can move your temping time earlier, as long as you consistently temping at that time!
It will still show you the average

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