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having a weird unpredictable cycle, anyone want to join me?

Hey ladies, currently on cd6 and not sure what to expect this cycle! I normally have a regular period, between 30-35 days. Oing around cd20. However last cycle I was getting ready to o then suddenly af showed early on cd22! So last cycle was anovulatory! Af bleeding has been light to medium whereas normally it's heavy flow to start off with, very strange :/ and it's showing no signs of slowing down. Last time I had a anov cycle was over 3 years ago and the bleeding that followed was light like now and lasted 16 days! Then I finally od on cd33 and got pregnant with dd2 that time! So not sure what to expect, will af last 16 days again? Will I not o until very late again?

Is there anyone else having a wacky cycle that wants to wait it out with me? I did use opks last cycle but I won't be doing this time as I think it was the stress from that that knocked my cycle off balance. I should also point out that I had a d&c for a pregnancy that ended at 8 weeks at the end of august and I had a chemical about 4 weeks ago (I think) had very faint lines on hpt but they disappeared and af showed.

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