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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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OPK Confusion

Hello from Greece
I am at second month ttc and this is my first post.
I have never write to a ttc forum before and i would really really need your advice!!!
I am so sorry for my English in advance, i don't use them frequently.
so...since i was 16 i had a polycystic ovaries but nothing too severe.
I took glucophage 5 years ago for 6 months and i saw a big improvement. I always had irregular cycle but the last 5 years i have period every month 28-32 days cycle.
On September we got married and last month November we started our efforts to have a baby.
The last 2 years i can guess my ovulation due to cervical fluid and pain in my ovaries. On October i wanted to confirm that the symptoms was ovulating and i started OPK specific one step tests.
On 14th day i have egg white fluid, pain on my right ovary ant a positive OPK test. i was thrilled!!!! My symptoms where correct and i new exactly when i had to have sex.
Last month it was our first effort. I had positive OPK test on the 18th day of my cycle and the ovulation symptoms as well.
This month i decided to buy clear blue digital test (not the advanced, the simple one, the pink) because the smile it makes it easier to read and to confirm that one step test is correct.
i started the 11th day of my cycle both negative tests.
The 12th day of my cycle with first morning urine (according to clear blue) i got a smile!!!! I was so excited... i had some pitched to my right ovary and egg white fluid but not as much as i usually have on ovulation.
i decided after 10:00 in the morning to have a one step test to confirm ovulation.
It came negative!!!!!
I didín now what is going on...
The last 2 cycles i had positive opk test for 2 days on my ovulation...
The same day we decided to have sex to be sure.
The next day i decided to start a basal body temperature chart
12th day of my cycle positive CB negative one step (intercourse)
13th day negative CB an one step, BBT 98.24
14th day negative CB an one step, BBT 98.6 (intercourse)
15th day negative CB an one step, BBT 98.24
16th day negative CB an one step, BBT 98.42
17th day positive CB negative one step BBT 98.42 (intercourse)
18th day negative CB an one step, BBT 99.14 (Plenty egg white fluid )

So the one step test that gave my the 2 previous months positive results this month gives me only negatives
The Clear blue has already give me 2 positives within 5 days
My body doesnít give me the regular signs
And my BBT i think it is too high the hall month

What is going on????
To you think that I didnít ovulate this month or maybe I will ovulate later???

Sorry for the huge post but I am really confused and I really need some help!!!!!

Thank you in advanced for the help

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Well I know with me once I get a positive opk I test a couple of times that day and it'll eventually go back to negative. Once the egg is released your surge is over. This month your surge could've been shorter that's why one was positive and the next negative. If you felt o then you probably did o! I felt one too and afterwards when I tested it was neg again.

Good luck!

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I think you probably O'd on the 12th or 13th day. If you tested in the morning it could be you caught the end of your surge. They don't necessarily last very long and you can Ovulate any time 12-48 hours after your initial surge is detected. Your temperatures do seem high for preovulation but I would have to know your typical temperatures to be sure.

I would start charting your temperature regularly--right when you wake up every day and don't worry too much about this cycle. Two months is not very long to try and you will learn so much through this process!

Also, I personally don't like the digital OPK tests. They cost a lot and don't give any extra peace of mind. I like to watch the tests getting darker as I near the actual surge. For example, yesterday in the morning my test was pretty faint, mid day it was a little darker, at 7pm it was almost as dark as the test line and this morning it was positive. I Bd'd last night and this morning (just for fun). I buy the wondfo brand online-very inexpensive and individually wrapped.


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