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PCOS and Infertility

My sister in law has just been diagnosed with PCOS.
She is totally distraught as she thinks this means that she can't ever have a baby.
Has anyone got experience of PCOS: treatments, have you got pregnant etc..

Thanks ladies

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I have PCOS and I went 2 years without a period. I got pregnant without knowing back in sep 2007. Sadly I lost my little girl at 25 weeks pregnant....for no know reason but it can happen hun, it just takes a little longer for some people. I am now expecting again after a year and a half of messed up cycles....sometimes they would come every 6 weeks-and then other times I waited as long as 7 months.....

It is possible and I wish your sister the best of luck x x x

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I have been diagnosed with PCOS since I had my son, but fairly sure I had it before he was conceived. He is 18 months old now.


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I was diagnosed when I was 13. The most common problem is that women with PCOS sometimes don't ovulate every month, making it hard for them to concieve.

However! many take Clomid or other treatments to help them and go on to have happy and healthy babies. I was lucky and after years of no period, I started to regulate and began ovulating on my own. I was lucky enough to concieve naturally, and have had no problems so far.

There is no link between PCOS and a higher risk of no worries there.

She can certainly have a baby if she wants. She just needs to discuss with her doctor and find out if she is ovulating naturally or not and go from there.

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Hi there,

I have pcos. I have a 3 year old son (conceived without any help after nearly 3 years of not trying/not preventing) and although my reproductive system had completely groud to a halt, I am on metformin now which has started it up again so hopefully I'll have #2 in the oven soon! Get onto Amazon and buy her "PCOS for Dummies" - it's a really good read. Any other questions I am more than happy to help where I can so pm any time. xxx

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Thanks ladies.

I'll pass all this on to her. I think it just came as an awful shock to her. She has not wanted to have a baby before, and now she does the dr says she has this. Happens that way sometimes, I suppose.

Take care and good luck with all your TTC

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