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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Clomid Round 2, CD 34 BFN, IB yesterday? O'd CD 20...

I am so frustrated. Clomid Round 1 50mg CD 5-9 was unsuccessful. Went in for my yearly OB/GYN appt and Dr. said to do 3 to 6 cycles of Clomid 50mg, then we will switch to Femara. She seemed to think everything was fine. I don't have full blown PCOS, but higher than normal testosterone.

On CD 34 of Clomid Round 2. Last cycle was 33 days. Yesterday morning, after BD, I had a twinge of bright red blood when I wiped and then some brownish spotting (sorry for TMI). Thought it was AF, so I put in a tampon and went about my day. At the end of the day, there was one speck of brownish blood on the tampon, but no more bleeding since. I believe I o'ed CD 20 based on Wondfo and CB OPK.

I have had some cramps today. Bawled my eyes out last night while watching The Theory of Everything... not very typical of me. Have had some crazy vivid dreams lately and feel like AF will arrive soon.

Any insight??? I'm trying to remain optimistic that maybe yesterday's spotting was IB...

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