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Originally Posted by GoldenRatio View Post
Originally Posted by mrscletus View Post
Well, doesn't really matter what any of the tests said now. On to this cycle. Going to call the doc and see what the plan is, same level of clomid, higher dose, more testing, who knows...

Just starting to really feel defeated.
So sorry hun, clomid can take up to avg of 3 months to work. Dont lose hope! try CD4-8?
Actually we are not going to proceed with the clomid treatment. I met with the new doc, and he suggested since I was O'ing on my own, and we have been at it for a very long time, and getting the timing right, that we focus on seeing what else could be causing the infertility, if there is something physical like a blockage or whatever, so I am scheduled for an HSG on Friday. I am excited and nervous.

He is also going to order a blood panel, thyroid, everything...

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