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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Dear Mr Storky,

I am getting sad now. We've been married for 6 months, and I've been off the pill for 4 years.
I'm at the stage now everyone (family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances) are expecting me to be pregnant now.

My sister announced she's pregnant, we're 6 years apart, and to me age gap means a lot; we never shared a lot growing up, not even hand me downs, but mom did buy us matching coats.
So sister thought and I thought wouldn't it be amazing if we were both pregnant at the same time?

Mr Storky, I'm ready now for a September 2018 baby.

Mr Storky, since AF arrived (4 days ago) all I've thought is when will I be pregnant/am I infertile?
Will I ever become pregnant? Will it be hard? Will it be easy?

DH doesn't know how sad I've got now, sure he's in the same room as me, but I haven't told him about my emotions, my feelings.

I haven't told anyone.
I bury my feelings deep down, I don't want to admit that it isn't easy for us to get preganant. What?, you got pregnant by accident? How you manage that? We been baby dancing like rabbits and I ain't even had a late period. We been having sex marathons, to the point sex gets boring, and no I'm still not pregnant.

So, Mr Storky, I think, as I'm not pregnant and I'm on my painful period, I'm gonna get to the bottom of a bottle of wine or two, or Malibu or Captain Morgan. Mannn... I am so sick to the sight of tampons and sanitary towels. I long for days I buy maternity towels with a new born in my arms.

And I know alcohol is bad for anyone's body, but I've honestly not drank previously and guess what, I still weren't pregnant. I ate fruit and vegetables, folic acid tablets and I exercised and still not even a late period. In fact my period has ran like clock work.

I time aunt flow to the hour, to the minute, to the second.

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Old Dec 17th, 2017, 11:46 AM   2042
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Dear Mr storky,

I know it's only been a short time me and my OH have been TTC.

I've been very good, and you probably know I've dreamed of having children when I'm with the perfect man and everything in life is ready, and now I have both of these I think now is my time so I'm asking you so kindly for a BFP anytime soon!

When you've delivered a little one to me, could you so kindly suprise these other lovely ladies with a BFP too!

Oh and one last thing, tell the witch to stay away!!


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