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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Congratulations Waiting!! I'm very happy for you. I hope everything goes smoothly from now.

I hope everyone is doing OK? I'm onto my final year of study. We are still trying for a baby after 2 years off birth control. My SIL is now 20 weeks along and she is expecting a little baby girl. A little gutting, but definitely happy for her.

TMI has anyone had pain / during intercourse? hubby and I were doing the deed last night and he really hurt me, which he doesn't usually do. I think he hit me right in the cervix! Then said he did it because that's how babies get made LOL.

I've been aching all day, but it could be ovulation pain.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi guys Im New to this and I have nobody to talk to because I havenít really got any friends but I was wondering is it too late for me or do I still have chance to be pregnant? my af is due tomorrow but at 10 dpo (2 days ago) I had a false positive (I think) because ever since that positive Iíve been getting negatives I have very regular cycles (35) and I have so many symptoms I just feel pregnant its weird but my instinct is telling me I am. But the negatives are just making me feel so anxious and depressed considering I had a false positive the other day it was a sainsburys test so I heard theyíre not reliable Xx

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