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In tears and need advice

Hi ladies. It's coming back to b&b but being back on the TTC board that has just made me start crying to be honest. But I need advice from ladies who know, and that's all of you here.

I was in first tri from early December to early feb, had a mmc at 11+ weeks, baby measured 9. I have taken it very badly and am not ok emotionally, but wanted to take advantage of the fertile window people talk about and start ttc as soon as I stopped bleeding.

However this took a long time. I had a very long and traumatic miscarriage process after having a misoprostol pessary on the 6th feb, 4 weeks and 4 days ago. I finally stopped bleeding and passing tissue/clots on the 28th Feb, so bled for 3 weeks 1 day. We started having sex I think the day after that, was around the 1st. I obviously had zero clue when AF/O would be so settled on sex every other day until something happens.

Yesterday, so around 7/8 days after starting to have sex again, I had bad back cramps like Af (although, cruelly, also like I had throughout this last doomed pregnancy.) I then had some very bright red spotting, so assumed af had started. I knew this meant I must have ovulated around two weeks ago, which was while I was still bleeding (possible??) and before starting to have sex again. However (I'm so sorry this story is so long) the bleeding then stopped completely and I've had lots of discharge both white and clear, some very thick some runny. Back pains continue.

Now I don't know what to think. The possibilities are: 1. miscarriage has not finished and I only had a break from the bleeding for a week and a bit.
2. Af is coming.
3. I am pregnant and that was implantation bleeding.
4. Some random hormonal breakthrough-type bleeding happened.

I took a IC preg test just now, even though it's 9pm and I've drunk a lot of water today. There is a faint but clear line. Which is less likely - that I've got a BFP ~7dpo, in the evening? Or that my HCG has still not dropped 4.5 weeks after miscarriage? Obviously I am thinking the second one is more likely, which upsets me.

Please help me girls. Thank you

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Hi there - sorry, no experience but I really didn't want to read and run. I am so sorry for your loss and this must just be making it harder for you to get closure. Would it be worth asking a doctor for advice? I would have thought 4.5 weeks after the HCG would be gone but I am not a medic...

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Aw hugs. My advice is to test again in a day or 2 if line gets darker got chance ur pg if its lighter or same maybe its ur hcg levels not dropping. Really hope it gets darker.for u x

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Hugs. I am very sorry. It could be that your levels have not gone down yet. However, it is very strange that you would get a clear line at this point.

Did you ever get a beta done? I would go to the doctor's for a follow up scan to see if every has started a new (pregnant) or that you need assistance with clearing out any remaining tissue. I had to get a methotrexate shot to help my levels go down. They kept slowly rising though the doctor could not find a baby anywhere. I had a normal period 4 weeks later and even ovulated with slight spotting from m/c.

I really hope everything turns out ok.

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