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I'm back.. TTC #2

I say I'm back, but I suspect its a whole new lot of ladies since I was last here! I have a 7 year old boy, and found this site invaluable when I was a single 20 year old who found herself pregnant with literally no clue about babies.

So now I am 28, have a lovely partner as we are TTC, this is the first month so I highly doubt we will get that lucky but of course, it's hard not to obsess.

Would love to meet some other ladies TTC and make some new friends

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Hello :-) i am ttc number two aswel. My daughter is 2. I literally got a bfp and was spotting last summer but the pregnancy did not stick. I decided to have a break for christmas and then we booked a holiday which ive just returned from. I was hoping the holiday would help us find tome to ttc but my toddler was not sleeping great away, so we only dtd on cd 11. I think i ovulate on cd 13 so im not too hopefull this month but it would be nice lol. What are your cycle lengths? How are you feeling about having another. I really cant wait in many ways, i worry that i wont get pregnant again sometimes and other times im scared of being pregnant and voping with a toddler. I felt quite sick last time lol!!

Good luck with ttc xx

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Good luck hun

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