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ms sunshine
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Advice from ladies who have had a non o cycle plz

Need advice i am nearly 4 weeks late i had opk high temps and still do ewcm the lot but bfns. Going docs next week if my cycle was nprmal i wpuld o tomorow bt my opks are neg.

I cant imagine i didnt o with the temps and everything but with the neg hpts looks like the only amswer.

My question is what happens next. Do u o and then af or just af eventually. This has never happened before. The only time i didnt o i had af when i should have od but that was because i flew and im terrified of flying any advice much appreciated. Also was ur bbt still high as if u od?

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Ff says I'm 26dpo I don't even ovulate on my own, I geared up but the egg never released it always happens to me. My period just turns up whenever it wants.

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Even though my charts often looked like a good strong ovulation, my progesterone levels were never high enough to confirm ovulation on a blood test. My AF just showed up whenever it wanted and my cycles were irregular. My fertility doctor said that temping isn't really a great idea for women with PCOS. I ended up conceiving on my third Clomid cycle.

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