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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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HELP I'm so confused 8 weeks negative test!

Hi, I think I should be about 8 weeks, but I haven't got a bfp yet, I have 2 light periods though. My first one was on jan 29 and it was the most painful one I've ever had but it only lasted for 2 days and was super super light, a week after my mom wanted me to start taking birth control pills so I finally started them, I told my doctor about my light period and they told me to wait for my next period if I'm still having negative tests. My next period was exactly a week late, wasn't as painful and only lasted a day and a half. Now it's a week after and I'm having mild cramps, my right leg won't stop having this sharp random cramps, I'm constipated, frequently have to go the bathroom and once awhile my breats will start aching. I know I should go get a blood test but I have no ride to get there and my parents want me to "wait it out" if anyone could help me or give me
Some advice it be great ❤️

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