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+HPT and -Blood test

I am hoping that someone has info on this.

I did a HPT and got a faint positive with FMU. 2 days later I did another test with FMU and got a pretty strong positive. That same day I went to the doctor and got a negative from a blood test.

I spoke with the nurse and she said that any test that comes back with a score under 10 they say is a negative. My result was a 1.

How can I be getting a stronger + on a HPT and then only have a 1 on the blood test? Is that common for a chemical?

They said that I could go back and retest.

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I would retest it should be stronger then a 1 maybe 10? to show on the HPT. could be a lab error even though they are rare.

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I believe hgc is stronger in blood than urine at the beginning. Could be chemical. Test again with blood in a 1-2

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