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Suddenly repeated chemicals

I have been TTS for many years. I did many IUIs and was able to get a BFP on each one, but they resulted in losses around 6 weeks. Eventually I was successful with DD after including Aspirin.

After DD we stated at the clinic again and didn't anticipate any problems based on what we learned in the 5 previous IUIs. The first one what successful but a loss around 6 weeks. The second was now a chemical and the third month looks like it will be a chemical again.

I know that I have an issue with low progesterone. For the first chemical I wasn't on suppositories so I understand that one. This one I was taking 600 mg of progesterone suppositories daily.

I find it odd that after many years of trying, I didn't have a single chemical and now I have had 2 in a row. Does anyone know what the issue could be? Any suggestions?

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